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Wrapped Up!

It started in November when I received my 13th month pay.

As my gift to myself, I went on to be a member-shopper of S&R, a bit of a high-end supermarket here at BGC (with some branches elsewhere) that cost me P700. It’s pretty steep compared to my Makro membership which was just free!

It was then that I started buying gifts for all my family and friends. Since then, I’ve been going from one store to another in buying the perfect gifts.

I mentioned in previous posts that my love language is giving. It is an act I think of so dearly considering I’m not really rich. I think it has something to do with what happened when I was a child.

The whole clan would reunite every Christmas in the ancestral house where we grew up in. My rich aunts and uncles would bring along their children with their gifts. There is a time in the afternoon when gifts would be handed out to all the children. The small, obviously hurriedly-wrapped packages would be given to me, my brother and sister. When we get to open it, we realize these are but old toys of our cousins. Then we would see our cousins waving their new, expensive toys for us to ogle at.

The proud looks on my aunts and uncles’ faces were nothing compared to the sadness on my mom’s face whenever she observes the significant economic gap in our clan.

It was then, at such a young age, when I had the determination to succeed and one day, I would ensure everyone would have gifts on Christmas and all pride will be of my mom!

Last year, I paid off a huge amount of liabilities before Christmas so I ran out of funds for gifts. I made sure not to suffer the same fate in 2010.

This year, I have given out and will be giving gifts ranging from Avent feeding bottles to pretty dresses to nice cookware sponsorship to a dental operation!

I can’t wait to see my family’s faces when they receive their gifts on Christmas day!

And James can’t wait to see my face when I see my credit card bills in January!

Oh well, Christmas happens only once a year!

Merry Christmas fellow bloggers and avid readers!


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‘Sinungaling yung salamin.’

Once I heard my mom say that while we were off buying a new mirror. I was a child then and did not understand what she meant. How could the mirror lie? Of course I already know that magic mirrors do not exist so how can it be possible for a reflective surface to distort reality?

Last Saturday, our department held its year-end party somewhere here in the BGC. I, together with five other fine people, hosted the event, attended to by more than 200 people.

Avid readers of this blog would certainly furrow their foreheads after remembering how I hate parties like this, more so host it. Yup, it was the very first company party I attended this year, and the very first hosting assignment of such grand scale after a year’s worth of invitation.

The party was a blast! To say the least! I had a great time dancing and even greater time meeting and spending time with new friends. I did not get drunk. I was still in control of my actions and words. I am not yet sad and tired enough to be so.

A day later, I was on the scene again, this time with three friends who I am beginning to know and admire even more. We went to a burger place in Pasig after just a text invitation, which I never thought I would ever say yes to. After the sumptuous meal comes the dreaded Sunday ‘isang baso lang’ shot at Central. I, again, did not get drunk.

James, who knows all about these parties and dinner, noted that it’s been awhile since I last enjoyed these things. It was as if the party animal in me, who has been slumbering for years, have finally been awakened.

Is it again because of my fear of running out of time? Or is it just a coming-of-age stuff (hello, Scott, 28 ka na, coming-of-age ka pa dyan?!)?

When I look in the mirror (or see the photos taken during the events), am I seeing the real thing? O nagsisinungaling ang salamin?
I think I am now seeing the real thing. I think I am, like everyone else, is evolving.

Rising from recent stumbles. Emerging stronger than ever.

But of course, without losing the very core values my family, my partner and my friends love about me.

So, kelan ang next party nga ulit?

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