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My mom always said that she doesn’t have any material riches that she can give us but if there is one thing that she is proud to have given me is the love for books. My mom is a college undergraduate but she is very smart about science, math and current events because she reads a lot. So for this Wednesday, allow me to share with you my top ten most favorite books of all time.

1. Cost Accounting by Barfield – a very thick accounting book that I think is the only accounting subject I excel in.
2. The Brothers Bishop by Bart Yates – a story of two gay brothers and how their love for each other would keep them sane after their mother’s death.
3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy especially the Two Towers – almost blinded me for the text was so small, the words were so old English and the names so hard to remember!
4. Kept – a story of prostitution, love and misery of a lady escort
5. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown – the details of objet d’art and architecture brought me to those places.
6. A Memoir of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle – I read the shorts from time to time because it gets to be a little too predictable but enjoyable just the same
7. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – I remember this story whenever I get to feel any discontent with whatever I have
8. Malate by F Sionil Jose – a perfect story of rising from poverty and taking revenge the classy way
9. Harry Potter Series especially The Half-blood Prince – do I need to say more?
10. The Bible – it softens even the hardest hearts, it solves even the most profound problems, it inspires even during the darkest hours.

Now, I would have to get a reservation for Ilustrado by Syjuco!


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The last book I read was Para kay B by the acclaimed writer Ricky Lee. Normally, it would take me several hours to finish a book but this one took me weeks.

It tells five stories of love, anger, passion, loss, betrayal and hope in an otherwise out-of-this world setting. Ricky used the most poignant English and Filipino words reading it keeps you awake better than caffeine! This is the reason why Audrey Hepburn lent me the book. She bought it because she was intrigued by its subtitle : ‘O kung paano dinevastate ng pag-ibig and 4 out 5 sa atin’. This also got my attention.

Surprisingly, I was only able to read one story in one sitting. Being the sensitive me, I could not go on reading the rest. Every story haunts me. Every story brings out the worst fears in me. Some characters, in some wicked ways, mirror me in some parts of my life.

The characters fell in love in the most unique ways. And fell out of it, or was pushed out of it, in the weirdest sense. Reading it was like hearing Ate Guy, Ate Vi, Ate Shawi and Maria throw lines at each other.

The one I like most is Irene’s character. She has photographic memory, so strong she still feels the love for someone she lost contact with for so many years. They were still children when they parted ways. When they met, they had the chance to make love. After the passion subsided and while the man was in the bathroom, she dressed, took back the calling card she gave the man she loved for so many years, and left. She no longer feels the love. She no longer remembers its sweetness. She no longer recognizes the boy.

The book says over and over again na may quota raw ang pag-ibig. This statement haunts me. If it’s true, how many lives are ruined because of love when, due to fate, they fail to reach quota?

Good thing, I was smart enough to reach the quota grade I needed to get in the college I want. But am I lucky enough when it comes to love? Working very hard all the time to keep that lucky streak with me, always.

Special thanks to http://superstarstruck.weebly.com for the book cover picture.


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