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‘Sinungaling yung salamin.’

Once I heard my mom say that while we were off buying a new mirror. I was a child then and did not understand what she meant. How could the mirror lie? Of course I already know that magic mirrors do not exist so how can it be possible for a reflective surface to distort reality?

Last Saturday, our department held its year-end party somewhere here in the BGC. I, together with five other fine people, hosted the event, attended to by more than 200 people.

Avid readers of this blog would certainly furrow their foreheads after remembering how I hate parties like this, more so host it. Yup, it was the very first company party I attended this year, and the very first hosting assignment of such grand scale after a year’s worth of invitation.

The party was a blast! To say the least! I had a great time dancing and even greater time meeting and spending time with new friends. I did not get drunk. I was still in control of my actions and words. I am not yet sad and tired enough to be so.

A day later, I was on the scene again, this time with three friends who I am beginning to know and admire even more. We went to a burger place in Pasig after just a text invitation, which I never thought I would ever say yes to. After the sumptuous meal comes the dreaded Sunday ‘isang baso lang’ shot at Central. I, again, did not get drunk.

James, who knows all about these parties and dinner, noted that it’s been awhile since I last enjoyed these things. It was as if the party animal in me, who has been slumbering for years, have finally been awakened.

Is it again because of my fear of running out of time? Or is it just a coming-of-age stuff (hello, Scott, 28 ka na, coming-of-age ka pa dyan?!)?

When I look in the mirror (or see the photos taken during the events), am I seeing the real thing? O nagsisinungaling ang salamin?
I think I am now seeing the real thing. I think I am, like everyone else, is evolving.

Rising from recent stumbles. Emerging stronger than ever.

But of course, without losing the very core values my family, my partner and my friends love about me.

So, kelan ang next party nga ulit?


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James and I went to the PhilamLife Theatre in UN Avenue in Manila yesterday to watch Koro, Kilig, Kwela, a musical presentation of Coro Illustrado. Coro Illustrado is an all-male (well, technically male) group who has been performing in various competitions and has held their very first concert like the one we saw yesterday less than a year ago.

I had the chance to buy a couple of tickets from a friend in the office who happens to be a member of Coro Illustrado. James and I had our apprehensions in attending the event – James’ concern was whether he would enjoy listening to pure musical bliss or not, my concern was whether my clothes were appropriate for the event or not.

James and I are not exactly the artsy cultured couple I want us to be. Although we are certified movie and book addicts, we are still neophytes when it comes to the concert and theatre scenes.

In fact, we are back at the PhilamLife Theatre after almost ten years! We were freshmen in PUP then when we watched A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, a PUP-sponsored play at the PhilamLife. It was also our first date!

I could remember James wore rubber shoes, blue jeans and short-sleeved buttoned-down plaid polo. He wore glasses then and really looked like a highschool freshman than a college guy. I, of course, was another story. I wore my hair up, glistening with washable silver spray mist, with blue polo with embroidery at the back, tight bell-bottom pants (I just loved the ‘70s!) and chunky Acupuncture rubber shoes!

We looked as if we came from two different but both horrible fashion schools! But we didn’t mind. We both enjoyed the show and I told myself, given the chance to have James as my boyfriend, we would spend all our days watching plays like the one we saw.

Fast forward to 2010. James wore jeans, rubber shoes and a nice blue long-sleeved top. He wore contacts and he just let his hair down. He now looked like a sexy geek. I, on the other hand, was no longer a far story. I wore jeans as well, plaid long-sleeved top and brown leather shoes. My pompadour is back and my mascara from The Face Shop is doing wonders with my eyebrows. According to James, I received considerable admiring stares from the many gays in the crowd. Ego-booster much!

The program (which is actually the topic of this entry and not our fashion tastes) lasted for two hours – two hours of superb performance. For a ticket costing only P350, I tempered my expectations of what the chorale group can do. I was happily disappointed!

Song after song after song, my hands were so red in applauding. I am not musically inclined. I could not recite the best arias nor enumerate the different concertos. But I know good music when I hear it. And Koro, Kilig, Kwela definitely delivered!

My favorite songs of the night were Muntik na Kitang Minahal, I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me, Waka Waka and Bad Romance. Their rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit was hilarious! My friends who watched the show with us would be singing these songs for days!

They say that even old dogs can learn new tricks. Perhaps, it is not yet too late for me and James to rekindle our love for the arts. I am now looking forward to the next shows we will watch. Not necessarily big. Not necessarily mainstream. But something we will surely enjoy.

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