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Born in 1982, in the year of the dog, one of the best qualities I have is loyalty. My family, my friends, my partner can attest to how loyal I can be (but James is surely raising his eyebrows by now). I have been using Pond’s since I was able to ‘steal’ small amounts from my mom’s cold cream bottle when I was in kindergarten. I have been reading National Geographic since my mom bought me a 1979 copy back in 1990s. I have been fantasizing about Sean Connery ever since I saw his James Bond movies!

But this post is not about fantasy. In fact, this is about hair. Yes, hair. I consider my hair to be the crowning glory of my beauty (echoz!). I was born with golden curly locks which made me look like an angel. My hair grew darker with age but still within the ash brown range. I got it from my mom whose hair has so many intensities of brown – from the super light almost blonde streaks to the dark brown streaks. Whenever she visits the salon, the stylist never fails to ask her who did her hair.

So, with the nice hair that I have, I make sure only Belo touches my skin, este, only the best (but affordable) stylist can trim my hair! But it has never been the case before.

When I was in primary school, my hair was the same semi-kalbo (almost bald) do popularized by Keanu Reeves in his Speed movie. When I was in high school, my hair was a tad longer but still within the prescribed 2×3 school cut. My college days saw the longest hair I ever wore – longer than shoulder-length!

My first years in audit was back to the 2×3 cut that made me look like Jack Hayes of Will & Grace. Later on, I had it longer, had it permed, which gave me the Cedie look.

I always love experimenting with my hair. Changing your hairstyle changes your facial features in a big way. Lately, I fell in love with Fabio Ide’s pompadour-like puffed hair. For several months, I have been sporting the same cut thanks to Jayson, my stylist for almost a year at Bench Fix in Galleria. So when my hair needed some small trimmings, James and I went to Galleria but were disappointed to know that Jayson was transferred to the Meralco Rockwell branch.

James suggested that we try out Vivere Salon, also in Galleria. With much apprehension, we went inside; I told the receptionist that we would need a haircut each and that we are new to the salon. I was ushered to the shampoo section where several stylists sat chatting with each other. I thought at once – don’t they have a lounge area for employees instead of having them loitering about?

After my hair was washed, I was introduced to my stylist whose name I did not catch because I got distracted with his biceps which he kept on flexing. Again, I asked myself, am I in a respectable salon or in a hosto bar?

Anyhow, the stylist that I will baptize as Badong (for the kanto-boy haircut he will give me) came up to me, touched my hair and asked me ‘gagawin nating maikli?’ (‘do we cut it short?’)

I said – ‘hell no! My style is pompadour since I have very thin, limp hair and I need volume to make it look otherwise. I use clay everyday to puff it up with my fingers so I need the top part to stay long. I just need trimming on the longer hair around my ears and nape.’

And I told him this in Filipino. And he said he understood it.

Using only scissors and combs, he cut the hair on my left temple so short it looked that I was about to get a military cut. I took a deep breath and thought that it might be the correct way to do it (but Jayson used clips to divide my hair into sections before beginning the trimming and he only cut around the edges).

Then he moved to my right temple and he did the same. Now, I look like Justin Bieber rather than Elvis Presley! Then with one quick move, he made cut a good section of my top hair and instantly I asked him – ‘sa tingin mo, sa ikli nyan, may maiiaangat pa ako?’ (do you think that with that short hair I can still manage to puff it up?’) and he said yes. Goodness!

I was already frowning while this girl kept on brushing the loose hair from around my face which all fell on my lips!

When Badong finished my ‘do’ and applied some clay-like stuff, he styled my hair like a freaking Mohawk! At that time, I was trying my best to not to explode and I told him with the calmest voice I could ever use – ‘ako na lang.’ (let me handle it.)

After a quick brush with my fingers (they did not even bother to wash our hair again), I went straight to the cashier, paid our bill which was P50 more than what Bench charges (and my hair gets washed twice in Fix), and left without leaving a tip.

That should send the message that I am not happy.

Looking back, I will never recommend Vivere Salon to anyone except for those whose only purpose is to ogle at men (or are they really men) and their tight shirts and even tighter pants. Sad thing, I went there for a good tonsorial service but I got the most horrible haircut ever.

At the end of the day, I am to blame. And I am in charge of fixing my hair every morning, until it grows long enough to see Jayson again.


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