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I know it’s not yet Halloween but I just thought it might be nice to share some of the scariest paranormal experiences I had. I have what people call the ‘third eye’ and I think I got it from my mom. Although my extra-sensory abilities do not go as far as seeing the vivid details of how a person actually died from his ghost (a friend’s friend can because he enrolled in a class which would supposedly open your ‘third eye’ even ‘bigger’), it is normal for me to see ghosts or other elementals walk by from time to time. Some say these ghosts are but manifestations of one’s negative thoughts or feelings to which I agree, because I often see more of them when I am sad or depressed.

So for the readers who might want to have an advanced Halloween treat, please enjoy the following list.

10. I was lying on my bed in Pasig with the lights turned off and the street lamp casting shadows in my room but I could still see the electric fan and its four buttons in front of my bed. I was staring at it when I saw the button that was pushed down (number 2) was pushed up and the fan was turned off. Suddenly, my window slammed shut without any strong wind. It was my grandfather’s death anniversary that day.

9. I was in a friend’s house for a sleepover for our flight was scheduled very early the next morning. While I was sitting in the dining room area, I saw an old lady in the stairs looking down on us and then she went up. I told my friend that she did not tell me there was an old lady in the house and that we were very noisy. She told me that she was the lessor and that she passed away the previous year!

8. I was watching TV in our home in Pasig when I saw a black figure go to our kitchen from our bathroom then from the bathroom to our front door. Dedma lang ako dahil maganda yung palabas.

7. Back in college, I studied until the wee hours of the morning but only until 3AM for by that time, someone (I could not tell if it is a he or a she) would appear on the stairs, stoop down and look at me as if waiting for me to stand up. The scary thing – you would pass by it in going to my room and every time I’ll look back, it is no longer there!

6. Audit life meant you doing things on a certain time out of the norm. I went home at around 2AM and saw that my cacti were too dry and decided to water them. Only my mom and I were at home then. While stooping low to reach the lower levels of the plant ledges, I saw at the corner of my eye two dirty feet up to its knees with yellow basketball shorts. The man had no slippers and I thought I didn’t lock the gate and someone got in. It was burglary! Instantly, I stood up and went straight to our door when I saw those feet and legs ran behind the car. I shouted to my mom but bravely waited outside so I’ll see where would he go and get to protect my mom who was inside the house. I stared at the car and when my mom got out; we both looked behind the car and saw nothing. But it was one of the clearest visions I had.

5. When I got home from work, our driveway was not lit so it was a bit dark with street lamps casting shadows everywhere. Then I saw a young child run from one big plant to another obviously hiding. She did not hide well because I could still see her skirt peeping out of the big pot. When I got nearer, I saw nothing but plants. The next day, we learned that my uncle’s wife died and was buried that night.

4. When we moved to Cainta, I was busy getting all the things in order inside my room. Tired, I sat down and chatted with my favorite aunt over the phone. I lied down and saw this lady made out of black smoke looked at me from above with her face getting closer to mine. I was stunned and it took a minute after the vision was gone before I heard my aunt’s voice shouting at me from the other end of the line.

3. We were on our way home from Quezon via a forested road in Laguna when my friends in audit joked about elementals or engkanto in the forests around us. The driver admonished them as the place is known for its share of paranormal activities. Knowing about them, I kept my mouth shut only to find a lady sitting in front of me inside the van. Another friend saw her and she just flew out of the van. All along the trip, we were quiet for we can see her and some few more gliding along with our van!

2. My sister always went home late. We shared the same room in San Juan. She occupied the top bed while I slept on the pull-out bed under. After saying my prayer, I went down to sleep, certain she was not there. Hours before dawn, I woke up feeling someone stepping on my bed and thought it was my sister getting to her bed. I looked at her bed and saw her back turned to the wall and her long black hair. By morning my mom woke me up and was looking for my sister. With eyes closed, I told her she was on her bed and when I opened my eyes, no one was sleeping and that the bed was still made up. My sister went home three days later and I still wondered who did I saw that morning.

1. I saved the scariest bit for the last entry. I was praying inside my room, with lights turned off, kneeling in front of my window and looking at the sky. My lola was sound asleep in a far bed. After saying ‘I love you Jesus!’ at the end of my prayer, someone, something, whispered in my right ear, complete with breath, saying ‘I love you Jesus!’ in a very low, guttural voice! I quickly went under the covers and prayed even more. That never happened again.

Without pulling your legs, I have goose bumps just by telling you these stories.


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I was in a van yesterday en route to Shell Ayala when I heard a guy at the back talking candidly with his friend. The girl asked –

‘Mag-MRT ka?’

The boy said – ‘hindi eh, nababastos pagkalalaki ko dun, may mga nanghihipo kasi!’

I tried not to look at him but since he got in before me so I already know how he looks like. I was rolling my eyes and forcing myself not to tell him in all wisdom – ‘iho, sa hitsura mong yan, blessing na na mahipuan ka!’

But of course, the stepfordboy in me won the case and I just sat there and thought about the MRT.

I think almost everyone had the chance (unless you’re from the Hamptons) to ride the MRT from North to Taft Avenue at least once and had experienced the commotion, the intermingling smell of sweat, smoke and unbrushed teeth, long lines and perverts.

In MRT, there are a good number of coaches that are assigned for ladies, the pregnant and the disabled. Whenever their coaches pass by, you can see them in the most comfortable of places. It’s like seeing a waiter walk by with glasses of champagne between them. The ‘unisex’ coaches or at least those which are supposedly dedicated to people not classified under those first three categories would soon follow and you’ll see the mangled faces and bodies of those inside! And there would always be women inside!

This is a free country so for me, go wherever you want to go. If you are a lady, you can ride in coaches designated for you or you can ride the coaches full of men. Just don’t try to shriek and accuse someone of manhandling you because clearly, you asked for it!

Sometimes, the person does not intend to touch or brush your private parts but due to the so little space available, people just don’t have the chance to fix their posture and the placement of their limbs.

But the last coach is another story. Frequented by gays, this place is full of PLUs especially during rush hours. This place is filled with people who like to take advantage of the close proximity and there are those who enjoy being taken advantage of.

In my case, I don’t mind. I am aware of how packed the MRT is and how excited people are to go home, if there’s a stray hand on my otherwise private part, I’ll just think the guy could not help it since he can’t move his hands. It’s nothing for me for as if they can take my ‘prized possessions’ home with them! Pero kung babae ang gagawa, baka masabunutan ko sya!

So if you are a lady or a straight man, learn how to adjust your beliefs and kaartehan based on the scenario. Kung ayaw mahipuan, sumakay sa tamang coach o kaya wag na lang sumakay ng MRT. Tapos.

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I had a friend in primary school who was very good about capital cities and we called him the ‘Walking Atlas’. The other was very good in math and he was dubbed as the ‘Walking Calculator’. The titles as the ‘Walking Encyclopedia’ and ‘Walking Dictionary’ were ferociously fought over by two persons vying for the valedictory address – a girl and a gay. The girl is now an architect. The gay is a Certified Public Accountant. And the owner of this blog.

Of the two titles, I know I am the walking dictionary. A lexicographer. Not because I am very good with English words, but because just like what a dictionary does to a word, I provide meaning to every single event in my life.

I was already in love with James then when we were still in college and I really had a genuine feeling he had the affection for me based on the way he looked and talked to me. But one good friend (who looks like Cogie Domingo) told me I was imagining things. James was just being nice to me. I was giving ‘meaning’ to something meaningless. That was when I started to be conscious of what I am doing.

James and I are still together now so the ‘meaning’ I thought back then must’ve been correct. I thought there was a meaning to my boss’ treatment of me when she gave me triple an auditor’s workload. She would later on promote me.

But oftentimes, Cogie was right. I gave meaning to things which are basically senseless. A smile was thought to be an appreciation – but in fact, only a facial contortion to take out a morsel between two teeth. Super delayed FX meant only a magical escape from accident when you were just meant to be late.

It is tiring to even try to understand why a person does what he does, says what he says. It is tiring to read between a blogger’s lines and find out the beautiful person beneath. It is tiring to look for the one peso that is causing your Cash Flow Statement to not agree with the Cash portion of your Balance Sheet.

But I think it is worth it. It is worth to give meaning to everything. To find meaning in being. To understand what it truly means.

By the way, the girl graduated valedictorian and the gay as salutatorian in primary school. In secondary school, another girl graduated valedictorian (she is now a computer engineer) and the same gay as salutatorian, again. In college, the gay thought he would graduate Magna Cum Laude, only to graduate as Cum Laude. Is the gay only born to be a trying-hard, copy-cat, second-best?

There is a meaning why he never got the first prize in school. Perhaps in life he will. I am still looking for the word to best describe it, though.

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Four people. Four farewells. Four journeys ended. Four journeys started.

Batman, my best buddy in The Bank, has resigned exactly two months ago and today is its effectivity. Batman has always been very nice, extremely nice to me. We were introduced by our boss during my first day in The Bank exactly one year and eleven months ago. He showed me where the four communal printers/photocopiers are located and how to use them. He introduced me to the rest of the team. We were of different clients then and really have not much to talk about aside from the fact that we use the same roads when going home so the usual topic was the traffic.

When I joined his group for lunch, only then did we become close. Also, it was almost the same time when I would be moving to his sub-team and we will be handling the same set of clients. I have known him to be very professional. He is always ready to help, to answer questions without hesitation even if you’ve asked the very same question thrice already and you just didn’t remember the answer! He has decided to move on professionally and join another big company in Libis. He has always been fond of that place.

I am always lucky for all the friendship that I have and thus I cherish them very much. Especially with straight men who doesn’t mind being friends with gays like me. There was nothing romantic between us, but I would always be very grateful for his support! May the Batman never be in the dark. We wish him the best for he deserves it.

The Nightingale joined us a little after my 6th month in The Bank. She replaced a colleague who resigned. Her job was to perform the functions of several people in several locations with different systems, but all within the same time frame. She was the pioneer in this kind of set-up. She stumbled and fell along the way, but she continued to stand up and get going. Soon, she was an authority in her processes. Her knowledge spans many locations, so many systems, even professionals who had longer stay than her ask her questions and she was able to help all the time.

She should have been recognized for her achievements. For her contributions. Without ever showing remorse, she continued to perform and deliver. Until she decided it was time to move on.

Today is her last day, too. But as expected, she is still busy helping her colleagues.

I am a very competitive person which sometimes leads to a very insensitive, brutal me. I never thought there could be someone who is so genuinely nice. So perfectly kind. I believe I just met that person. And fortunate enough to be her friend. We wish her all the love in the world.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I have no religion but I definitely believe in God. James is catholic and both of us regularly attend masses every Sunday. In our village’s parish church, one priest always preside during the hour we usually attend. I did not like him at first. I always commented that his speech did not give justice to how important his homily is. I always considered him a poor public speaker.

After some months, I noted changes. Big changes. His speeches are now very concise, direct to the point, digestible. The priest is growing on me. I began to laugh at his jokes. To smile after his every speech. But last night, he said that it would be his second-to-the-last mass as he is going back to the US. I felt true sadness. I clapped my hands after his announcement – that is my best way to thank him for helping all of us, spiritually. He will definitely continue his work and we wish that may he be able to help more people with his preaching.

Last night, James and I watched Probe : Ang Aming Kuwento. I thought it was a documentary of how the Probe Team started out and been around for decades. Then we noticed that the names of the persons speaking show their positions in Probe and some of them had their tenure ended June 2010. I asked James if Probe Team is wrapping up and he said probably they will just have a new format or something. I also thought so. The Probe Team is an institution. Cheche Lazaro, a legend. An icon. They will never close doors.

But I was wrong. Even the longest written epic had an end.

Before taking up accountancy, I first wanted to do Mass Communications with Cheche Lazaro as my supreme ideal. I took up a business course instead and I still look up to her. One day, I would be able to help my country in a big way and leave my prints in the country’s history – just like what Cheche did.

Cheche said she would like to be a full-time grandmother to her grandson. Finally, she is turning her back to one of Philippine media’s greatest career history. She is saying goodbye to the limelight, in exchange for time. Time to be with her family.

Where is the good in goodbye but only in the journey that is about to start…

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I had experienced opposite feelings towards my family this week. This entry would be made up of two short servings of my complicated family tree.

Last Thursday, I received a rare text message from my not-so-dear brother asking me if I could give in to his request to have me as a co-maker of a loan he was applying for. Without intentionally bragging, my credit standing is far better than his considering that the only enforceable financial liabilities I have are my credit charges, which are kept within limits and settled promptly; as compared to him who was almost brought to court due to his inability to settle his credit card bills on time. Social climber to the max kasi. In fact, I took out my very first bank loan to help pay a portion of his debt and it took me a year to pay it! He never paid me back or said thank you. Ganda diba? Going back to his text, my quick answer in my head was ‘no’. James told me to sugarcoat it a little by lying that I would be getting a loan myself soon, etc. I do not owe my brother any explanation. I did not reply and completely ignored his message. My silence means no.

Saturday morning, I asked my mom if brotherhood of evil mutants was suffering from financial incapacity, again. She answered no and I told her about the loan. She said it was because brotherly was getting a car! At may condo pa sya na binabayaran sa Pag-ibig (I’ll post another story about this soon) so I said that I would not be his loan’s co-maker.

The price I paid – nagdabog ang nanay ko buong araw and obviously she was hurt by my decision since she was cold to me the whole day.


The same Saturday, James and I went to Galleria to get new prescription glasses for him. Before we went home, we dropped by a newly-opened café in the middle of The Village. The place was very nice, with ambience better than Starbucks, with more items in the menu but sadly, lesser varieties of coffee. I shouted this out in my Facebook account and then Tita Zhang Ziyi (my father’s first wife) commented that she knows the place. I started to chat with her and learned that her youngest brother is part-owner of the café and that her family, my dad included, would be there on Sunday for the blessings ceremony. Wow! What a small world. I am happy that I still have communication with my dad’s family especially with Tita Zhang.

Tita Zhang has always been very kind to me especially during my teen-age years when I spent more time with them. She even apologized to me for hating me when she learned of my existence and asked for my understanding for she was hurt with my dad’s betrayal. Soon, she realized, it was never my fault. There was no reason for me to hate her, though. In fact, I think, I am more attached to her than with my dad. Probably because Tita Zhang was very motherly to me. I told her the next time they visit; it’s going to be my treat!

Just barely a week, I suffered from opposing poles of emotions. I wish my brother would start acting like an intelligent human being and huwag lang puro tambay sa sauna ng Fitness First! Sorry at badtrip lang talaga ako pag ako ang nagmumukhang kontrabida. And I wish The Café success for our experience was fantastic. We will bring Samantha and Contessa, our dogs, there next time.

On the record, this is my latest, or earliest, or latest, blog entry I ever posted. Signing off at exactly 12.35 Sunday morning.

Good night and good morning everyone!

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I am known as someone who texts long messages. I always want to put in as much information as I can in one text message. The receiver might have only one chance to read one text so I might as well be able to say what is needed.

Pero there are alot of times when miscommunication still happens via text.

One time, my partner-boss in audit texted me her revisions in some (note : some) of the financial reports I made! The text messages went as much as 20! The problem is : some of it were jumbled up so we had a hard time figuring out its order. But I admire my former boss for that – she found a way in her vacation to help us deliver.

One time, I texted a friend, ‘san ka na’, she said ‘dito na ako’ – grrr, san nga?

I was being extra sweet to an officemate in audit that we texted each other sweet nothings one weekend. One text that stands out said ‘ingat sa pagdri drive, lasing ka ata eh’. There are times when he took quite sometime before he replied to I’d resend (pathetic!). Only to find out, I’ve sent some of those messages to James! James sent me back all those messages and it was embarrassing. Lesson learned : make sure you don’t missend or not flirt at all. Hay naku!

I once texted Batman that I’d be late and that I hope he can cover up for me regarding our deliverables to our clients. My message was almost sent in two due to length. The only thing he replied was ‘OK’. Thing is, he doesn’t usually text ‘OK’. Most of the times, it’s just ‘K’.

That’s why I am on Sun. I just need to make that phone call.

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