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Another year has passed.

Would this post go down as one of those in the New Year’s bandwagon of topics – resolutions, fireworks, past year’s blessings?

Well, yes! I will reserve the first two in other posts but today, I think, my 2010 blessings would take on the spotlight.

There were so many things that has happened in 2010, so many blessings received- big or small – I am very thankful for every single one. And here are the top ten 2010 blessings I received:

1. Topping the list is another chance to still be with James, counting for more than nine years of being together as of date. 2010 saw the worst fights, several severe break-up moments, but we were given a chance to get through the storm – for our love to see us through.
2. Samantha, our dear Pomeranian dog-daughter, completely healing from her pyometra episode which she had after aborting her puppies in the last quarter of 2009. Now, Sam is as active as ever, and who knows, probably, she can have another attempt at having puppies in 2011!
3. Meeting a new set of friends in circumstances which could have been so impossible if only it happened earlier. This group, made up of young, vibrant, happy but insightful people was very kind enough to take me in during one of my worst nights ever. That led to one activity after the other and it is one of the rarest chances that you’ll meet people who have the potential to be your very good friends in the future, in parties and in the last days of the year!
4. Learning that no matter how much you have done, how much you have contributed, everyone, as in everyone, should still have their feet firmly on the ground. I know this sounds more of a lesson than a blessing but learning this, being reminded of this, has blessed me to move on from what had depressed me in 2010, making the year that was one of the most empowering.
5. Spending an estimated P50,000 on gifts in 2010’s Christmas celebration! I am not bragging, please, but someone who had been so blessed this year, this is a small amount to share to the people I love! Plus the fact I am catching up on them since I gave no gifts in 2009!
6. Being on the deepest waters I’ve been in my life! El Nido’s hidden beach required me in 2010’s summer outing to forget about my fear of water and just jump (with floaters and four men assisting) in the water to see one of Palawan’s secrets!
7. Being given the opportunity to handle three different processes within the year. They say, if you get transferred, it’s either you are not performing well on your process or that you are good enough to be given harder responsibilities. I believe it is more of the latter. From performing financial services to the big markets in China to handling services for most of Asia Pacific, I was given the opportunity to land in one of the most challenging tasks of the year – advising for recharges in the whole Asia Pacific region! And so far, despite some mistakes, I think I was able to deliver results in 2010!
8. 2010 was also the year when I took off all my apprehension and just accepted engagements that I truly enjoy doing – speaking in seminars and hosting shows! I’ve been doing this in The Firm before but I decided to keep a low profile in The Bank for me to enjoy my private life. But the call of the spotlight cannot be endured anymore, so together with a group of very good people, we launched a series of seminars that touched the lives of new joiners, and before the year ended, I accepted a year-long invitation to host, together with other friends, our domain’s biggest show in 2010!
9. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! 2010 saw me coming back to the shoe-fetish scene after laying low in 2009. Store after store, I bought shoes that brought me great satisfaction and I just hope the shopping streak continues in 2011!
10. Lastly, before the year ended, after my self-confidence went below zero in some parts of 2010, I had proven that many people actually loves me – dami ko kasing gifts na natanggap! From wooden bangkitos from Baguio to colorful shirts to wine to coffee beans to travel accessories to Shiseido eye creams to The Face Shop body wash and facial masks to Lion phone holder – sabi ko nga sa FB post ko minsan : nasa Dean’s List ata ako ni Santa!

To everyone, I wish you all a sexier and happier new year!


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It’s August 2! Well, it’s just another Monday, but today, I especially celebrate the new phase (and face) of Stepfordboy’s blog. What prompted this updgrade? If the megastar blogs (to which I look up to and read every day) change their looks every season or quarter, the starlet blog (talagang starlet) of mine is very happy to have a little more than 1000 perusals!

Ok, disclaimer, I have four friends who know about this blog, one of them is James, but he assured me that he checks me out only once a day. So these clicks would not have been so much the cause of the thousand reads. So with that possibility out of the analysis, I think I would give it to myself by saying that I am doing something good, good enough to be read.

So for all my readers (or lost souls – kasi na click lang nila without having the slightest intentions), thank you thank you very much!

The Phase 2 of the project would involve more pictures, the launching of my Friday Movie Reviews (para di pakalat kalat yung MRs ko) and other ideas I would have to think about. The Face 2 (or 3) of the blog would show my most revealed face ever. One very dear friend, Carmina, asked me

‘friend, how come may anonymity effect pa yung blog mo eh mata mo lang naman ang natatakpan?’

I said

‘apat lang naman kayong nakakakilala sa akin so as if pwde ka mag-Google ng picture lang a ng gamit!’

Unless you work for an intelligence company, which I doubt any of my readers do.

But that got me thinking…

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