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I am a very intelligent person.

I know things a normal guy my age would not know – the difference between a Bactrian from a Dromedary camel ; the migration behavior of wildebeests ; the reason why Mona Lisa escaped the Nazi pilferage.

I also know the things people tell behind my back. I also know who will spill the beans and who will take the secret to their graves. I know the interests some people are protecting. And I know, sometimes, I am the sacrificial lamb.

A friend once said that education, therefore knowledge, eradicates poverty. I firmly believe this. My knowledge of things people of my age and educational background are not expected to know has allowed me push beyond boundaries.

But this knowledge has, to certain extent, imprisoned me.

Truth hurts and what you do not know won’t hurt you.

I know, right?

However, the more you know, the more you want to ask questions.

Why not me? Why him? Why didn’t you? Why won’t you?

But the very fact that moves you to ask more has hurt you so much you no longer have the motivation to move forward. And you know, whatever will be the answer to those questions will just hurt you, whether they be the truth or lie.

For apparently, it’s too late.

Which puts time in the equation. Knowledge learned in a timely manner surely helps the person. But information given at a later time nullifies its effects.

Was there malice in the delay? Did someone unintentionally withhold it? Why was it kept secret for so long? For so much despite the fact that I have a right to know?

Today, more than ever, I know more. I should be able to use what I know to be a better person. To survive the competition. To make the right decisions.


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