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Of the seven intelligences, no doubt I excel in linguistics. Speaking in public, articulating my points of view, inspiring the team to do better, these are just walks in the park. I appreciate this gift (although sometimes I swear I want to exchange my English fluency for a good singing voice) more so when I remember that there are those who are not good at it.

King George VI had trouble speaking in public and was known to stammer especially in front of a crowd. The King’s Speech, the Academy-award winning movie about the royal who swallowed his own pride to take on a job meant for his older brother, that is, to be the King of all the British Empire. Starring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-Carter (I promise you, Helena would surprise you because she looked decent in the movie – I was silently waiting for her to brandish her wand!), the movie showed how difficult it was for monarchs to have the disability when the very empire is built on articulate leaders who can rouse a whole nation to war.

The King’s Speech is an inspiring movie telling us that no one is too great to learn, that no one is too rich to admit one’s insecurity for by doing so one can only true overcome it.

The English countryside gave way to dark forests, deep ravines and snow-capped mountains. Red Hiding Hood is a fantastic twist to the toddler tale of a vicious wolf pretending to be a grandmother. I almost thought the movie was an adaptation of Jerry Maguire’s books, who has written magnificent re-telling of classics such as Cinderella (The Tale of the Ugly Stepsister – one which I’ve read and loved) and Snow White (Mirror, Mirror – one that I’ve bought while waiting for James at Greenbelt’s Powerbooks before we went to watch Red Riding Hood). Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (director of Twilight – no wonder you’ll see lots of pine trees again) and starring Amanda Seyfried and Lukas Haas, the movie blends children fiction with adult fiction. A werewolf stalks the forest and is one of the villagers during day. The quest to find out who that is leads to suspicions amongst families and friends. I like the movie for I was not able to guess who the werewolf was and I kept guessing until the end.

Just remember not to wear red if you plan to see the movie!

Then forests and hills once again in Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage. I did not think much of this movie and I thought it can serve as a lullaby as I convince my mind to sleep. The movie was set in medieval Europe during the Holy Wars when witchcraft and witch-hunting were the pastimes of the people. Like in modern times, they usually persecute the innocent and allow the guilty the free roam. However, they struck gold with the hanging of a real witch (or so we thought) that brought pestilence to the land. Now, Cage’s group has to travel through dark forests (good thing illegal loggers had not been there yet) and rickety bridge to the monastery to have another accused witch presented to the monks for further action.

The monastery was not what they expected, and so was the girl they thought was a witch.

The movie is indeed a lullaby, not much of brainpower to use, thought it can amuse you with shots of wounds, dirty streets, smelly-looking men and thick coniferous forests, just remember to close the curtains and pray before you sleep!

There are lots of movies I want to watch – but the Lucas and Titan Men titles I’ve recently bought has been kept in the corner for too long. Let me watch them, though I may not be able to tell you anything about them on this blog for Stepfordboy is one nice boy – by day! 


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