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The recent incident at the Laperal Compound in Makati City has again showed how quickly evolution happens.

Squatters, no matter how the law or charitable institutions would describe them, are people who occupy lands and/or existing structures without due benefit to the owner. In short, parasites.

For the longest time, these people have argued poverty over and over again. It is forgivable, say, for the first generation of squatters to reason poverty as the driver of their occupancy for that, in itself, is admission of the problem and the first step towards solving it. But for the second generation (and how thick-skinned of the first generation to even multiply without even having the resources to provide decent shelter for themselves!)to argue poverty again is blatant evidence of a hereditary disease – laziness!

I, myself, once argued poverty as the reason why I should be accepted at PUP Manila as a scholar. My family, though working, could not provide for all of us to go to private schools and thanks to FIFO (first-in first-out), as the youngest, I was the one who had the smallest budget allotted for education. But I knew I can only argue once and I have the make the most out of it.

I am still not rich. In fact, we are still renting a house for our family and I don’t even have a car. But I know I am no longer poor. And I do not abuse anyone’s kindness.

Well, the squatters aren’t really abusing the kindness of the private owners. But they are just bright enough (with the government stupid enough) to take advantage of the infamous Lina Law or RA 7279 protecting squatters from eviction or demolition without due compensation and relocation (sec 28). The nerve! Lupa ko nang ginamit ng walang bayad, ako na nga maglilinis nun, tapos babayaran ko pa ang mga squatters?!

Well, let us thank Mr Joey Lina, a former senator under the Cory Aquino administration who then went to head the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Sakit na kaya ng ulo ng DILG dati ang mga squatters na na-realize ni Mr Lina salamat sa batas nya? Or just like his president, all problems, especially those they promised to solve, but could not solve, should be blamed against Marcos, and all will be well as soon as they start to pray in front of cameras! I could not blame Mr Lina for coming up with the bill. Helping the ‘poor’ and condemning the ‘rich’ was the fad at that time. But what this law, together with other government agencies’ ineffectiveness, has done is to further train the current poor to get even poorer because the government is taking care of them. Parasites!

Or perhaps those against the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill should step in and help these ‘poor’ families (who threw bottles, stones and human feces at the police and officials) since they multiplied according to the dictates of their faith.

I believe the sudden increase in squatters is further proof of what a former professor of mine once said (which I do not believe yet, please) that we are the viral race. Put one Filipino in one place, wait for some time, and there would surely be a thriving Filipino community there. The multiplication can be due to natural reasons or immigration. In the case of squatters, it’s both. Due to lack of anything better to do, they resort to sex without proper family planning. Due to the wonderful way of life (look ma, I don’t have to pay for rent or mortgage!), they invited their friends and families who are probably much better living in the provinces than they do here, to live with them and taste the sweet life in the metropolis.

Let me close my case by saying that I do not have anything against those who were born poor for it is not their fault but I have everything against those who remain poor for they are not doing anything about it other than cry in front of cameras, beg the government for alms, and suck the blood out of our economy which in turn is fed by the sweat and blood of those, rich and poor, who pay taxes. Man should evolve with better selves generation after generation. The squatters are evolving. They are getting brighter and brighter, taking advantage of laws to protect them and their lazy habits. The sadder thing is that our laws are not evolving fast enough.


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