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Suck me, punch me!

 I thought the movie was gay. Don’t blame me, blame the title! The first word sends a clear picture to any gay man, at least, it was a very vivid picture for me!

But I was happily disappointed. Sucker Punch is one hell of a movie! James and I saw it at Galleria before attending mass in the evening.

Sucker Punch is set in the ‘50s with young Baby Doll as the lead character. The eldest daughter of a rich woman who passed away, she inherited, together with her only sister, the fortune of their mother which is being covetously targeted by their father. One night, her father was supposed to rape her but she fought hard and so her father turned to her younger sister. Escaping through the window, she managed to get a gun and to get to her sister’s room. She fired but it was her sister who took the bullet after hitting the light bulb. Her father sent her to a sanitarium, bribing the orderly to ‘take care’ of her so she would not be a bother to him anymore.

In the sanitarium, she met four other girls who went to plan their escape with her. While doing so, she went into a trance – sanitarium was transformed into a prostitution den with the orderly as the big boss, all girls are prostitutes, the head psychiatrist as the dance instructor. She were asked to dance, as a  weapon for her survival, then she went into another trance, one that involves a man who told her to gather a map, fire, knife and key and one more secret thing, five things which would help her and her friends escape.

They were able to gather all four and the fifth secret thing was indeed a surprise.

Sucker Punch shows girls set in the 50s with costumes as if taken out of anime parties. It was a bit discomforting to see her in her school uniform as if I am one very old, rich but sexually aroused man who enjoys doing it with girls in uniforms. I was excited to see how she really danced that made all those who’s watching her forget everything else. But until the end, you can only see her moving her torso from left to right, as if mimicking Sheryl Cruz singing Mr Dreamboy in That’s Entertainment!

Although the movie would not get an Academy nod, it sets itself different from the movies in a sense that it was a combination of several – Street Fighter for the moves, Inception for the several layers of trance, Black Swan for the dance studio, Burlesque for the cabaret performances, definitely so Watchmen for the settings and costumes (for the two movies have the same director). It is a movie worth remembering and talking about albeit for a week only.


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